Altaya 1/72 Flakpanzer Möbelwagen

Altaya diecast 1-72 20mm Flakpanzer Möbelwagen

A die-cast Altaya prepainted and RE-painted Flakpanzer, weathered, dusted and with some crew added. Two of the figures are Caesar 1-72 WW2 German Infantrymen and the pointing figure is a PSC hard plastic figure.  

1/76 Scale Die-cast Fordson Tractor

Oxford Diecast 1-76 Scale tractor repainted and weathered

  An Oxford Diecast Fordson tractor. This can turn itself into a great little piece of scenery to grace a rural setting on any wargame table from the 1920s  up to the present day. The tractor has been given a heavy…

Altaya Die-Cast Camionetta AS 42 Sahariana

Altaya AS42 Sahariana 1-72 scale

The Altaya Sahariana is a nice solid model that only needs a little weathering to turn it into a very attractive and sturdy wargame model. The figures are from the 1:72 Waterloo 1815 Italian “Tankmen, Driver and Artillery Crews” set.…

Improvised Rivers Using X-Rays

X-Ray used to make wargame scenery river section

Some time ago a friend from our wargame group, Juan Reyes (Brazo de Nelson Wargamers Club) had a brilliant idea of using cut-outs from old X-rays that he painted over with gloss paint to use as wargame scenery to make…

Airfix 1/76 Scale Panther Tank

Airfix Panther Tank with Cammo 1-72 Scale

The Airfix 1/76 scale Panther tank is a kit that goes back a long way as it’s over 50 years old and it’s quite basic really. At the time, it was the only thing going but by today’s standards the kit…

Strelets 1:72 Scale Boers

Strelets Boers 1-72

The Strelets Boers have some chunky and exaggerated poses, but on the plus side every single figure has a different pose and once painted I have to admit that my opinion of the set improved dramatically. You can see a full…

Strelets Colonial British Infantry

Strelets 1-72 20mm Colonial British Infantry

Something new off the workbench, a set of Strelets Colonial British Infantry. The figures  had practically no flash and are quite easy to paint up and are made from a sturdy semi-hard plastic. I can’t say I’m too keen on…

S-Models Italian L3/33 Tanquette

Italian L3-33 20mm 1-72 tanquette S-Models

A few shots of the 1:72 scale S-Models Italian L3/33 tanquette by Carlos de la Concha from the Brazo de Nelson Wargames Club. These are for a small Italian / Commonwealth campaign in North Africa that our gamemaster Iván Cáceres…

Patton in 20mm

1-72 scale Patton US Army Figure Conversions

Veteran plastic fans will recognize the body from the Airfix USAAF set. The heads are from Esci figures. One is for North Africa, and the other two for Europe I did the head swaps about a year ago and they…