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Copper Wire Armature Trees

The technique of using twisted copper wire to make tree armatures is quite well known to railway enthusiasts, diorama builders and wargamers. The twisted copper wire armatures have been covered with various layers of white glue and black paint and the foliage has been made from steel wool (like “Brillo” but without the soap) covered […]

Removing paint from plastic figures

I’ve used this technique with old models and figures, even those that have been covered in two or three coats of thick enamel paint. It works equally as well with hard and soft plastic plus it’s a technique that’s not just limited to smallscale modelling. You’ll need the following items : Household oven cleaner Plastic […]

Making a Stone Bridge from Styrofoam

Bridges are often employed by miniatures enthusiasts in many scenarios to form an important focal point or strategic element in a game. Bridges can also often make attractive centrepieces for interesting dioramas. Stone bridges, like stone walls, have been around for centuries, and you can buy some very nice examples of many types of bridges […]

White Glue “Trousers” for figures with shorts – Figure Conversions

This is an especially easy technique that gives more than adequate results that I first used after reading a very interesting article published on Klaus Schultheis’ superp “” Examples of two selected British WWII 8th Army figures in shorts before modifications. Figures with shorts trimmed down and white glue “trousers” applied. Once white glue begins […]

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