Category: Scenery

Improvised Rivers Using X-Rays

Some time ago a friend from our wargame group, Juan Reyes (Brazo de Nelson Wargamers Club) had a brilliant idea of using cut-outs from old X-rays that he painted over with gloss paint to use as wargame scenery to make marshes. In a recent game scenario we needed a wide river section to cross the […]

Battle of Berlin Scenery

Our wargame group is currently gaming a series of scenarios from Iron Ivan Games’ “Race for the Reichstag” book and so here are some pictures of the scenery used in a couple of recent games. Italeri Bridge This was built by Carlos de la Concha and was used in our last game and he spray […]

Water Buffalo Conversion in 20mm Scale

One of our “Brazo de Nelson” club members and a regular game opponent of mine, Juan Reyes, brought along a superb conversion to show us yesterday that he’d made from a cheapo made-in-china 1/72 scale plastic dairy cow. Juan’s in the process of building a whole herd of these beasts together with paddy fields and […]

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