Matchbox 7.5cm Pak 40

This Matchbox German Pak-40 75mm anti-tank gun is one of the oldest surviving bits of kit in my collection. I’ve had it for around 30 years, could maybe even be older.

Matchbox 7.5cm Pak 40

20mm German Matchbox 75mm Pak 40

It was painted back in it’s day with Humbrol paint, desert yellow I seem to remember, but since then it’s been drybrushed and given a wash and a little weathering to bring it up to date.

Matchbox 1-76 scale 7.5cm Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun

The gun in the picture is crewed by more modern mix of Preiser, Revell and Pegasus figures.

Matchbox Pak-40 75mm AT Gun with Crew Preiser Revell Pegasus 1-72 20mm figures

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