Falklands / Malvinas Argentinians in 20mm

There are a few sets of figures in metal for the Falklands conflict in 20mm but at the moment nothing available in for us fans of plastic figures in this scale.

There’s a solution if you like converting to get a fair representation of Argentinian forces in plastic – basically you need figures in cold-weather gear, parkas, gloves, etc, issued with US equipment, helmets, & FN-FAL rifles.

Matchbox British Paras Conversions Argentine Forces 1-72 1-76 scale

There are a lot of figures in parkas from the Matchbox British 1980s paratroopers set that will do the job quite nicely.

Falklands Malvinas Argentine Machine Gun Crew in 1-72 Matchbox Conversions

The helmets are old US style helmets with covers.

For me, I found that the heads from the Revell WWII US Marines set have helmets with cloth covers and they look ideal for this job.

20mm scale 1-72 Argentine Falklands Malvinas Figures Wargame

I also used some figures with headswaps from the Revell WWII US Paratroopers and the Imex US Korean war sets.

1-72 Argentinian Soldiers Plastic Conversions

Finally, as always, the group photo 🙂

Falklands War Argentinians in 1-72 Scale 20mm 1-76 Plastic Conversions

When I made these I should have really spent a bit of time trying to make goggles for the helmets, but it’s too late now. Maybe when I get around to making a second batch I might try my luck.

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  1. Well done! Highly original

  2. Nice one John. I made 1980’s Kiwis, exactly the same way.

    Excellent work.

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