Airfix USMC Squad 1:72 Scale Figure Conversions

In the picture below you have a squad of 1/72 scale USMC figures using only the scaled down 20mm versions of the Airfix 1/32 scale US Marines poses.

There are also some Hasegawa hard-plastic clones and even the old Esci hard plastic version of the famous Airfix left-handed pistol-toting officer has put in an appearance !

The standing firing figures had more carbines than necessary, so I’ve had to replace these with M-1 Garands – taken mostly off old soft-plastic Esci US infantry figures, plus I added a few BARs, a radio guy, and a flamethrower.

The figures below prior to flocking the bases with an LVT(A)1 Alligator – a pre/painted kit by Hobby Master.

Airfix 20mm US Marines and 1-72 scale Hobby Master LVT (A) 1 Alligator


There are also more squads and support teams.

First off I gave this hard-plastic Hasegawa two-man sniper team new soft-plastic replacement rifles as I found from experience that the original styrene ones usually break off after handling (if you’re lucky they’ll last for about two, maybe three games).

Also put together some scouts and heavy weapons teams using mostly converted figures.

With the exception of the mortar figure conversion, the rest of the dark green figures in the second picture are Imex Korean War figures with replacement heads, the beige heads are Revell US Marines, the other green heads are off old Esci US infantry figures.

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