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1/72 Osprey VTOL

Troops disembark from a V-22 Osprey VTOL tiltrotor military aircraft. This sophisticated machine, recently purchased for modern / near-future games, will be essential for moving large numbers of rapid response troops and equipment to any points of conflict that might arise in near-future / sci-fi wargames. Ground personnel inspect the aircraft above. The pilots disembark. < The Osprey is […]

Matchbox 7.5cm Pak 40

This Matchbox German Pak-40 75mm anti-tank gun is one of the oldest surviving bits of kit in my collection. I’ve had it for around 30 years, could maybe even be older. It was painted back in it’s day with Humbrol paint, desert yellow I seem to remember, but since then it’s been drybrushed and given […]

Airfix Morris Quad and 25 pdr Field Gun

The 25 pdr field gun has been a stout companion of the British army right from the beginning of WWII, up to the early seventies. I sometimes think that this Airfix kit must have been around for about that long too. The kit consists of a Morris 4×4 (quad) tractor, limber and 25 pdr field […]

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